NEMA 05VS Brings Clarity to a Confusing Market

NEMA 05VS Brings Clarity to a Confusing Market

This piece was originally published in the November/December 2019 issue of electroindustry.

Andi Haa, Owner, Quality Plus

For many years, surge protective device (SPD) specifications have been a source of confusion in the marketplace. While NEMA wants manufacturers to be competitive and to promote their specifications, some must be standardized, benefitting both the industry and the market.

As such, the NEMA Low Voltage Surge Protective Devices Section (05VS) has developed and published NEMA SPD 1.1-2019 Surge Protective Device Specification Guide for Low Voltage Power Distribution Systems, which is available for purchase from the NEMA website.

To quote a portion of the foreword of the publication, “This guide represents the consensus of the NEMA Low Voltage Surge Protective Device Section 5VS. It is intended to serve primarily as a guide for those who use or specify SPDs and others affiliated with the Low Voltage SPD marketplace so that uniformity of specifications in terms of valid, understandable parameters, will improve the comprehension, application, and utilization of SPDs …”

The guide is not intended to introduce new Standards, derive tests, create an evaluation methodology or define extensive vocabulary. Rather, it is intended to provide the reader with information and a specification checklist for ease of use and comparison by the user or specifier of SPDs.

This guide, along with the information found on the 05VS website,, will benefit the industry at large. ei


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