NEMA Goes Back to College

NEMA Goes Back to College

This piece was originally published in the November/December 2019 issue of electroindustry.

Daniel Abbate, Industry Director, NEMA

NEMA staffers Danny Abbate, Industry Director for Building Infrastructure, and Muhammad Ali, Program Manager, attended and completed the Robroy Corrosion College in Gilmer, Texas, in August.

Corrosion College provides hands-on experience in understanding the process of corrosion through two days of intensive instruction conducted by professionals in the field of corrosion protection. Instructors enhance learning retention through a comprehensive curriculum, including case studies, laboratory workshops, and interactive presentations detailing the proper installation and use of anti-corrosion products.

Abbate and Ali learned about the theory of corrosion, prevention, applications, and installation practices. In short, working with any metal requires electrical manufacturers and installers to be mindful of any corrosion possibilities. It is important to keep this in mind to maintain the useful life of electrical products and to ensure safety is always upheld, they learned. The staffers will take the lessons learned on corrosion and apply them to the other NEMA products. ei

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