I Am the Electroindustry | Ben Schuler

I Am the Electroindustry | Ben Schuler

This piece was originally published in the January/February 2020 issue of electroindustry.

Ben Schuler, Founder and CEO, Infinitum Electric

In a world of constant technological advancement and evolution, the electric motor has managed to remain virtually unchanged since its invention over a century ago. When I founded Infinitum Electric in 2016, I set out to change that. Much like the NEMA commitment to advancing industry Standards, Infinitum prides itself in raising the electric motor bar when it comes to efficiency, durability, physical footprint, and access to analytics, another major NEMA pillar we stand behind.

Throughout my career in engineering, NEMA has served as a tremendous resource and guide to help advance the various projects I’ve been a part of. Now, as the founder and CEO of my own growing company, I look forward to leveraging our NEMA membership even more extensively.

Becoming a NEMA Member and being recognized as a company that meets the organization’s high industry Standards of safety, reliability, and efficiency are incredibly important to us as a young growing company. With the NEMA stamp of approval, we’re able to show the world that we’re committed to the highest levels of quality, helping to establish further trust in our business and products as people continue to learn about us and what we’re all about.

With our patented PCB stator-based motor technology, we’ve developed the potential, within the entire electric motor industry, to drastically increase the efficiency of all the world’s electric-based applications. Our unique design means our electric motor efficiency exceeds IE5 Standards. This puts Infinitum in the unique position to help set a new Standard for the industry: a Standard we can better communicate and discuss as Members of NEMA, seeing as it is an organization that has always served as a champion for raising the Standards bar.

We’re proud of the work we’re doing at Infinitum, and as a newly selected NEMA Member, we’re thrilled to be able to join a community that values Standards, reliability, resilience, safety, and analytics the same way we do. ei

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