NEMA ANSI Committees Look Ahead to Busy Year

NEMA ANSI Committees Look Ahead to Busy Year

This piece was originally published in the March/April 2020 issue of electroindustry.

by Michael Erbesfeld, Program Manager, NEMA

NEMA is the Secretariat for the American National Standards Lighting Group (ANSLG) is composed of three Accredited Standards Committees (ASC): ASC C78 Electric Lamps; ASC C81 Bases, Holders, and Gauges; and ASC C82 Electronic Ballasts and Drivers. These three ASCs cover lighting technology from incandescent to solid state.

Last year was a dynamic one for the ANSLG,  with ASC C78 publishing 13 Standards. Among these were two new Standards, ANSI C78.53 Performance Specifications for Direct Replacement LED Lamps and ANSI C78.54 Specification Sheet for Tubular Fluorescent Replacement and Retrofit LED Lamps.

ASC C81 published ANSI C81.61 and ANSI C81.62, which cover lamp bases and holders, respectively. These two revisions added new base and holder systems for tubular light-emitting diode (TLED) lamps, including variants for non- grounded and low-voltage TLEDs.

In 2019, ASC C82 continued tackling test methods for standby power and dimming energy efficiency for LED drivers. Dimming LED drivers are a critical energy-saving strategy, and driver designers, testing houses, and regulators were lacking a measurement technique for energy estimation. The C82 committee has also been drafting a suite of Standards, the C82.77-X series, which covers electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). EMC is becoming much more relevant as the number of connected devices increases exponentially and the potential for electromagnetic interference increases along with it.

The committees will continue to be busy in 2020, with publication activity expected from all three. This will consist of a mix of reaffirmations and revisions, as well as some new Standards, such as the proposed ANSI C82.15 on LED driver robustness.

The NEMA Lighting Systems Division, as the secretariat of the three committees, is always looking for industry experts to participate in Standards development activities. NEMA is specifically seeking experts in the underrepresented User and General Interest categories for C78, Producer and General Interest for C81, and User and General Interest for C82. Please contact NEMA at if you are interested.

NEMA is also the secretariat for ASC C137 Lighting Systems. This committee develops Standards and specifications for indoor and outdoor lighting systems installed in an application with consideration of human health and comfort, personal security, the physical environment, energy consumption, and daylight integration.

In 2019, ASC C137 published three new Standards: ANSI C137.1 0-10V Dimming Interface for LED Drivers, Fluorescent Ballasts, and Controls; ANSI C137.2 Cybersecurity Requirements for Lighting Systems—Parking Lots, and ANSI C137.4 Digital Interface with Auxiliary Power.

For 2020, the committee is looking to publish new Standards for energy reporting, data tagging vocabulary (for interoperability of systems), and parking lot applications, among other topics.

Participation in ANSI lighting activities is open to everyone and does not require NEMA membership. However, an annual working fee is assessed. There are two semiannual meetings as a committee, but most of the Standards work is accomplished by teleconference.

NEMA is also seeking experts for C137 Lighting Systems in the underrepresented categories of User and General Interest. Please contact NEMA at if you are interested. ei

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