I Am NEMA | Laurie Soucy

I Am NEMA | Laurie Soucy

This piece was originally published in the March/April 2020 issue of electroindustry.

by Laurie Soucy, Director, Statistical Operations, NEMA

As the Director of Statistical Operations for NEMA/BIS I have the opportunity to work across all Divisions of NEMA. While I oversee all of the statistical reports, I am personally responsible for managing the Lighting Division statistical reports. This includes collecting, analyzing, and publishing statistical reports as well as managing Member committees to maintain and create valuable statistical programs. As the lighting industry continues to evolve, keeping the statistical reporting reflective of the current market is important.

I began my career at NEMA just out of college, working on statistical programs, including for the Lighting Division. After five years at NEMA I left to pursue other opportunities, including working for other trade associations and as a contractor for the Energy Information Administration. In 2015  I was excited to return to NEMA to take the role of Director of Statistical Operations within NEMA/BIS. It was great to come back with a new perspective and see how the electrical manufacturing industry had changed.

I enjoy working with NEMA Members and staff to provide them with reliable and timely data that is used to make informed decisions. ei

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